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Production Process

Ink Kitchen

Preparing the correct Ink for the specific press, which is one of most critical parts of printing process, is prepared fast, without error and at once with IMAJ Packaging’s Ink Dispensing System. System provides the requested ink automatically thereby ensures high quality, repeatable and productive service.

In Ink Kitchen:

  • Ink Maker & Dispensing System
  • Ink Database
  • X-Rite Exact (Spectrophotometer)
  • X-Rite IFS (Ink Formulation Software)
  • X-Rite Color iQC (Color Control Software)
  • Catalog: Pantone 2018
  • Digital Catalog: Pantone 2018

Graphic Design

IMAJ Packaging’s experienced and expert in-house graphic team, fast and quality service with latest technology equipments with color control calibration. IMAJ Packaging’s graphic team, while providing pre-press technical support, provides color separation, design changes and digital proof.

Platemaking & Cylinder Preparation

IMAJ Packaging provides all the groundwork of the print process with the help of its partners by engraving cylinders for rotogravure and platemaking for flexo.

Imaj Packaging following closely the developments and latest implementations on rotogravure and flexo printing machines increases its machinery park from year to year by making new investments every year.

Rotogravure Printing

IMAJ Packaging’s rotogravure machines can print up to 10 colors and has 1200 mm printing width. Rotogravure machines can apply inline cold seal, print both front, and reverse to plastic films and paper.

4 Rotogravure Machines

Flexo Printing

IMAJ Packaging’s flexo line can print up to 10 colors and has 1200 mm printing width. Flexo line can front and reverse print on plastic films and paper.

2 Flexo Machine

Inkjet Printing

IMAJ Packaging’s InkJet printing machines can print unique codes for marketing campaigns on packages up to 11 packages at the same time.

IMAJ Packaging can laminate with or without solvent based on the product with its high speed lamination machines. Lamination process increases the resistance and the barrier properties while decreasing the permeability of the packaging.

6 High-Speed Lamination Machines (3 solvent, 3 solvent-free.)

As the final step of production process, slitting, cutting and packing is completed with high care and exclusively to the demand of each client. The final products can be slitted in any custom size from 25 mm to 1200 mm.

9 Slicing Machines, 2 Laser Slicing Machines