Flatt Bottom Bag

Flat Bottom Packaging
Specially Printed Flat Bottom Packaging: Products packaged in 3-sided gusseted flat-bottom bags with gussets on both sides and bottom look more privileged on the shelves. In addition, another advantage of this product is that, thanks to the bag shape, 12% less packaging is used compared to doypack bags compared to the product volume.
There is a "pocket zipper" type reclosable lock system on the front.
It is a new generation product and helps you make a difference on the shelf.
It contributes to consumers choosing your product with its stylish appearance.
It provides a high barrier to your product with its metalized intermediate camination layer.
It creates waste-free filling opportunity.
It is designed to protect your product against dust, sunlight, oxygen, odor and moisture.
It ensures product safety thanks to its special lock system that can be opened by pulling. It ensures that your product is opened by the consumer for the first time.
It is suitable for direct food contact and this suitability is certified.
It provides a logistics advantage because it is light
It is easy to fill.
Special design printing can be done.
Provides environmentally friendly packaging.